Construction apprenticeships can save you a fortune in the construction trade

Construction apprenticeship programmes can save people thousands of dollars a year, according to the Construction Industry Australia.

The organisation’s report, Construction Skills and Skills Development: A Case Study, says it is one of the best investment opportunities available to young people looking to enter the construction industry.

The report says: “There are several reasons why people can save on construction costs in a career in construction.

These include the development of skills that can be applied to work on a wide range of construction projects, and the value of the experience gained from apprenticeships and training programs.”

The report also highlights the impact apprenticeships have on the construction workforce.

Construction skills and training are essential for the success of all industries, from construction to manufacturing and more.

It says: The construction industry is booming.

Construction jobs are being created in every state and territory across Australia and many of those are full-time positions.

Construction apprentices are a key element in ensuring construction jobs are not only a part of the future of our economy, but also a part in the future lives of the people working in these jobs.

Construction tradespeople are paid between $1.85 and $2.00 per hour, which is less than half the national average, and apprentices earn about $10 per hour.

These jobs provide a solid income stream for many people and allow construction workers to start families, get a foot in the door into a new industry and be self-sufficient.

The industry is not only booming, it’s also attracting a significant number of people from the broader construction industry, who can earn up to $70,000 per year.

The Construction Industry Council of Australia estimates there are around 8,400 construction apprenticeships in Australia.

Some of those workers may be earning well below the national median wage of $31,000.

Some may be paid up to 50 per cent less than the national minimum wage.

The council says apprenticeships provide an opportunity to provide young people with the skills they need to become a successful construction worker.

This also means that apprentices are not just building, but providing a good service to the community and the wider economy.

It also provides opportunities for people to gain qualifications that they otherwise would not have.

Construction is a challenging industry and the number of young people entering it each year is set to increase.

The latest figures show the average age of a construction worker is 31.9 years.

This is higher than the average retirement age of 25.

The average earnings for a construction apprenticeship is $42,700 per year, which can help pay for university and further education.

Construction Skills Education Program (CSEP) and Construction Institute of Western Australia (CWA) are both part of Construction Industry Association of Australia (CAAT).

The CSEP has been running a training program for 18 months and the CAAT runs its own apprenticeship program for 15,000 young people in Victoria and South Australia.