Construction training for apprentices to start in July

New construction training is set to begin in Queensland in July.NSW Police Commissioner Mike Gallacher said the training would be in addition to the state’s existing trainee and apprenticeships, which will start in the next few months.

“We have got to get the construction industry up and running, we need to get these people up and up to speed with the processes,” he said.

“I think the training is an opportunity to get some of these people into the construction workforce and into construction trades.”

Mr Gallacher was talking about the training for the construction trades, which is being organised by the State Government.

He said the state would start training apprentices in March.

“If we can do that within the first year of training, I think that will go a long way towards getting the construction industries moving,” he told reporters.

“It’s a great opportunity for Queensland to show that we are a high quality employer in the construction sector and we’re really ready to provide our apprentices with the skills and the training they need to do their jobs.”NSW Government launches new apprenticeship programFor the construction trade, Mr Gallacher praised the State and Territory Governments for working with the industry to improve their infrastructure and improve their training.

“The State Government has invested $40 million to provide training for contractors in the past three years,” he explained.

“That’s over two and a half years worth of training and that’s an enormous amount of money that has been spent to provide the right training.”

Mr Taylor said Queenslanders should be prepared for the new apprenticeships to start soon.

“When you’re dealing with the construction equipment industry, they’re really struggling,” he says.

“And we’re looking to provide apprenticeship opportunities for people who can fill those gaps.”

The Queensland Government will also introduce a new apprentices program to help young construction workers land their first jobs in the industry.