How to get a building license in a remote town in northern New Mexico

It was a summer day when I got a call from a woman named Sarah, who was looking to get started building a house for her family.

A few weeks earlier, Sarah and her husband had started their own construction business in the tiny town of Merida, New Mexico, and she wanted to get her own business started.

Sarah and I had been dating for about two years, and Sarah and she were starting a business together.

She told me that she had been working in construction for about five years, but was having trouble getting her hands on a permit.

“I was getting ready to buy a house, and I found out that they have a building permit for me,” Sarah said.

“It’s a big deal.”

The couple were building the house in a rural area of Meridith County, New Mexican, a state that is home to many of the poorest people in the country.

“There are no jobs in the area,” Sarah told me.

Sarah was trying to find a place to build her own home, and to do so, she had to be on her own.

I asked Sarah how she could do this.

“My husband is a truck driver, and he is a construction worker,” Sarah explained.

“So we are both working in the same industry, but we don’t have much money.”

So Sarah started to search online for information about building permits in her state.

She found a few websites, but nothing that would help her.

Sarah had never worked in construction before.

She said that she’d never been through a permit process.

She needed to get approval for a new house.

“And I thought, what if I just pay someone to do this?” she asked.

She and her wife decided to find out what it would take to get their own building permit.

The process is simple: You just apply online, pay a fee, and submit the application.

You can’t apply directly to the building agency.

“The only thing that you have to do is pay them a fee,” Sarah tells me.

The couple started by hiring a construction company to do the work, but they soon realized that they would need to hire a subcontractor to do most of the work.

Sarah contacted the building company, and they sent her a bill.

“They had never sent a bill for any construction project,” Sarah says.

“For this, they didn’t even give us a credit card number, they just sent me a bill,” Sarah continued.

“When they called me, I said, ‘This is a big bill.

You guys can pay it in cash or we’ll pay it.’

And I think they thought, that we’re a little too young.”

Sarah and the construction company were able to pay the bill, but when they tried to get the building permit, the contractor sent them a letter saying they could not get a construction permit because the company was located in a state with a state permit that did not exist.

The company was unable to get permission to build, so Sarah and they went to the county to see if they could get a new building permit from the county.

They met with the county’s building inspector, who told them that they had to submit a form with the proper documents, including a building certificate.

Sarah sent the application in, but she was not satisfied.

“We went back to the inspector and said, what’s the problem with the form?”

Sarah said she asked him.

“He said, you don’t know, you can’t go back to them.

They said, no, you do not have the form.

And then he sent us another letter saying, well, the form was for you, but I’m not sure you have the document for this building permit.”

Sarah contacted an attorney, and after a few hours of back and forth, the county gave Sarah permission to start her own construction company.

Sarah told Newsweek that her experience with the building inspector was “kind of frustrating.”

“I have never had a building inspector come to my house or say, ‘Can you get a permit?'”

Sarah said, “They didn’t say, we can’t do this, or they said, we are going to charge you a fee for this.

I said we don´t have the money to pay that.”

Sarah told Reuters that she and her family are working through the process now and are very happy with their decision to start their own business.

“Our whole lives have been a little bit on hold for so long because of the economy,” Sarah added.

“Now, I can finally put our house together, and it is going to make a lot of people happy.”