When a new product is unveiled, it’s not just a new way to build a product, it can also mean a new kind of innovation

The company behind one of India’s most successful smartphones, Xiaomi, has just announced that it’s launching a new, modular phone that it calls The Project.

The Project is a modular phone, meaning it will be available with more than one module, a new feature that is currently being rolled out in several other Xiaomi phones.

The modular phones have the potential to transform the way we build phones and bring new ways to interact with our devices.

The first modular phone to launch in India, the Mi 4, has more than 1,000 modules.

A few years ago, Xiaomi was known for its Mi Band, a band that could be worn around the neck.

Xiaomi’s modular phones, on the other hand, are designed to look and feel like wearable devices.

Xiaomi has a long history of building modular phones.

In 2014, it launched a smartwatch that looks like a wristband, which was quickly taken up by other Chinese manufacturers.

In 2016, Xiaomi also launched a new line of modular smartphones called Mi 3, which has 1,600 modules.

Xiaomi said the new Mi Project is “a new way for us to build smart devices.”

It also said that it will use the modular phones to help the company develop its own products, and to offer an “experience that is uniquely Xiaomi” for customers.

The phone’s name, Project, comes from the Project Gutenberg, the ancient document that helped guide people to the written word, and its modular design allows for more modules to be used on the device.

It’s also the first Xiaomi phone to feature a built-in speaker, which the company says will let users take advantage of its 5-inch screen size.

Xiaomi will be releasing the Project in India starting May 27.

The company says that the phones will ship in May 2019, but that they will be priced at $599 (roughly $869 US).

The Mi Project will also feature a modular charging dock, which will also let users charge the phone using an external USB-C power adapter.