Hoar construction in Michigan continues as crews finish final touches on a huge, $2.5 billion home project

A major construction project in Michigan has been halted, with crews finishing the final touches to the massive $2,5 billion project, according to the Associated Press.

The work will move forward next week, but construction on the $1.6 billion project will stop at the end of next week.

Michigan State University announced on Wednesday that it would suspend the project while the department of transportation determines how to proceed with the project, which would be the biggest single project in the state’s history.

The Associated Press reports that construction on a large home is set to resume at a site near Lansing on Monday.

Construction began in January on the project at the former Detroit River Bridge site near the state line, which is part of the new Detroit River Gateway project.

The AP reports that the site is located in the Detroit River Parkland, a parkland protected by the federal government.

The city is also responsible for the site, but that responsibility was transferred to the state of Michigan.

The project will cost $2 billion and has been in the works for nearly a decade.

Construction will begin this year.

The state of Minnesota announced that it is suspending construction of a major project in Minneapolis.

The company responsible for that project, SRC, said it will suspend the work to ensure safety and quality of life for its workers.

SRC will work with the city of Minneapolis to ensure that it complies with safety and environmental regulations, including noise and noise pollution limits, and the city will work to identify and mitigate any additional noise, pollution, hazardous materials or other violations of city regulations.