How to construct geometric construction hats for your Facebook wall

Facebook’s new “geometric” construction hat will make you feel like you’re in the “real world.”

Facebook says that its new geometrical construction hat design allows users to make their Facebook wall look like a “natural-looking environment,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

But the hat won’t be the only thing that makes the social network feel like “the real world.”

According to the Journal, the new hat can also serve as a “lenses” for “instagrams, photos, and videos” that users can share with friends.

Facebook will let users create their own geometries by adding a “face” and “head” that can be customized in a number of ways.

Facebook says users can “shape their geometrics by changing the color of their eyes and the shape of their mouth, ears, nose, and lips.”

Facebook’s geometric construction hat was introduced earlier this year as part of its “social construct” series.

The company says the new hats “reflects the natural world around us.”

Facebook will roll out the new geometric construction hat in the U.S. later this year.