Tech leaders who’ve sold their company’s code to Trump administration

Tech leaders are being targeted by the Trump administration for selling their company code to the Trump White House.

| AP Photo Tech leaders at risk of being fired over Trump administration code sale Tech leaders will lose their jobs if their code is used to build the next generation of tech products or services.

The Trump administration is moving quickly to eliminate existing protections for companies and other employees who use their technology to build products or systems, and to weaken existing rules designed to protect employees from having their companies stolen or destroyed by the White House, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

If they are fired, the companies could lose access to the software they developed, said a person familiar with the matter.

It’s unclear what exactly is at risk.

But the prospect of losing their job comes amid widespread fears that the Trump team has already begun its own campaign to intimidate and destroy Silicon Valley companies.

White House officials have previously called for the destruction of Silicon Valley as a whole.

Earlier this year, the Trump transition team announced that they were taking a stand against tech companies.

The Trump transition said the move would “bring back the Silicon Valley dream,” but many critics have said the goal is to silence and intimidate the tech industry.

The move has not been universally welcomed by tech industry leaders, who say it would harm innovation.

On Tuesday, the tech community’s largest trade association, the Association of Computing Machinery, called on Congress to pass legislation protecting technology workers, including hiring protections and the right to sue for wage theft.