Packers get top-rated construction, vaughn site

The Green Bay Packers are getting the best construction of any team in the NFL, according to an ESPN analysis of team statistics and team websites.

The Packers’ construction team ranked eighth in the league, according the rankings, ahead of the New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders.

In terms of the top five, the Packers had the top-ranked construction team, which ranked fifth, and they were second in the top 10 in terms of overall construction, which ranks first.

The Packers also had the highest average number of construction workers per team, at 16 per team.

That ranks seventh among the top 50 teams in terms the number of workers per game.

They had the sixth-highest average number per team among the 10 highest-ranked teams.

The analysis looked at team construction statistics and construction website stats for teams in the AFC, NFC East and NFC West.

The Green Bay team was one of two teams that had more than 10 construction workers for the year.

The other team, the Philadelphia Eagles, had 12.

The Eagles also had a construction team that ranked first.

The team was led by construction worker Ryan McBride.

He is the son of Packers owner Bud Adams.

The other construction team on the list was the New Orleans Saints, which had three construction workers.

They are led by a construction worker who is named Matt Kuehl.

The Saints’ construction crew ranked sixth overall.

The Falcons had one construction worker.

He’s a former Green Bay construction worker named Mike Smith.

The Falcons also had one worker from the New England Patriots.

He ranks seventh in the overall construction rankings, which is first among the league’s 20 construction teams.