Why Are We Building So Much More Than We Need?

By default, Minecraft is designed for one thing: building.

But that’s not always the case.

Here are 10 things we know about the game that can make building even more fun.


The game isn’t designed to be a sandbox.

The Minecraft creator says that the game is designed to have a variety of game types that can help players build.

For instance, it’s possible to build a building that has an actual roof, or one that has a door that opens when someone enters.

Minecraft’s creator, Markus Persson, has also said that the developer isn’t afraid to add in more gameplay elements to create a sandbox-like experience.


It’s a game about building.

“In the game of Minecraft, you’re building stuff,” Persson told the Wired interviewer.

“So there are blocks and blocks can fall, and so on.”


Minecraft is a game designed to allow you to customize your building.

The developer has said that it’s intended to be more about building as a hobby rather than an obsession.

“We don’t want people who want to build things to be frustrated, so we designed the game so that if you’re playing, you can customize the parts and then build it,” Pers, who is an engineer, said in an interview with the site Ars Technica.


Minecraft has an infinite supply of materials.

As a builder, you may build a block that doesn’t work or one you want to have, but it doesn’t matter.

“I’ve built more than one building in the game, but I’ve only built one building that’s been fully customized,” Pers said.


Minecraft lets you build things.

“There’s no limit to the number of things you can build,” Perssson said.

“You can put together a structure with just a few pieces, but you can also build a house that has hundreds of rooms and dozens of floors.

And there are more than 30 kinds of building blocks in Minecraft, which means that you can have a whole world of building.”


You can customize your buildings.

“It’s up to you to make sure that the parts you’ve built match the building that you want,” Persssson said, explaining that he uses the game’s built-in “modding tools” to create “a huge variety of styles of buildings.”


You don’t have to buy stuff.

“All you need is a hat and a set of clothes, and it’s up for free,” Persseson said of the game.


You’ll be rewarded for building.

Persson said that Minecraft has a “game-wide” system of rewards that allows players to earn money by completing tasks, like building structures or collecting blocks.

“If you have a building with an ability that you didn’t expect, you’ll be able to earn that reward in-game,” Perssey said.


You’re able to customize items.

You will be able customizing items in Minecraft.

You just need to be in the right location, in the correct place, to complete the task.


It has many levels.

The creator said that there are “levels” in Minecraft that allow players to complete more complex tasks.

These include things like building a house out of multiple pieces, which can be very rewarding.