How to spot a sign that you are in a construction zone

A sign reading “Construction Management Certification” on the side of the road, with a construction management certification logo, has been spotted in the area of Stoneybatter Road in Walsall, West Midlands.

The sign was spotted by a Facebook user who went looking for a construction site to build an office, while others spotted the sign on a building site nearby.

“I saw it on a construction sign in Wallsley and was so happy that we didn’t need to drive out to a construction project site,” the Facebook user wrote.

“It was such a shame the roads here are so busy with traffic that I can’t even get to the construction site.”

Construction management certification, or CM, is a business certification scheme that has been adopted by many major construction companies.

The scheme requires firms to obtain certification before they can undertake work.

CM is also a certification scheme used by construction workers, and is designed to give companies an assurance they are not making a breach of contract, and the company is in good standing with the state.

The building company had applied to have the sign removed, but the state had told them that they could not remove the sign because the council has the right to do so.

The state said the council did not have the right under the CM Act, and that it had no authority to take action against the company.

“This decision does not contravene the law and is therefore in the best interests of the people of Walsley and Walsham,” the council said.

“In fact, the council does not currently have the authority to remove the building sign.

We are currently considering a legal opinion to determine if the council’s decision is in the public interest.”

The sign has been removed, the building company has said, and will be replaced with a sign with a CM logo, and a “Construction Managers Certificate” badge.

Construction management certificates are issued by the Construction Management Certificate Authority (CMCBA) for businesses to provide “technical support to the public and local authorities” to make sure the company’s work meets regulatory requirements.

A statement from the council says: “CMCBAs can take no responsibility for the safety or welfare of the public, nor can they be held responsible for any damage caused by construction work or the breach of any duty to do the job in a timely manner.”