How Trillium’s new stadium will affect the Giallorossi

Construction is finally under way for Trillum’s new Giallorus Stadium, which will become a permanent home for the club’s Serie A rivals.

The Giallorian side will play in the venue which is due to be built in 2018, although a deal with the local municipality has yet to be signed.

It has already been built, however, and the new facility will be able to accommodate the number of fans required for a game in Italy’s premier league.

The new Giallo-designed stadium will also be bigger than the previous one.

It will be larger than the current Giallo Stadium, the stadium which is built for a maximum capacity of 20,000.

The venue will also house a fully-furnished training ground.

The team’s current home is the San Siro, which was built in the 1960s and has been a major venue for the Gialli.

Till now, Trillumbra have not hosted a home game at the Giallo.

Trillumbras first home was the famous Olimpico da Milano, which opened in the 1970s.