Why I lost my construction loan

I had a construction loan of R40,000 (US$8,600) and had secured it for 30 months, but then, on the very day I was due to file the paperwork, I received a notice saying the loan had been cancelled.

The notice had not been given before my house had been demolished.

I had to go through another 15 days of uncertainty before I was allowed to file.

As I was waiting for my appeal hearing, I began to feel very alone.

Since then, I have received a number of emails from people who have lost their construction loans and are desperate for any assistance they can get.

I know that there are many more people like me, but I want to be clear that I am not exaggerating.

In my case, my house was built for a construction company that I worked for.

The company was a contractor with a company called GK Construction.

The loan I received was a commercial construction loan.

It was for the purpose of purchasing a new home.

In the process of filing my appeal, I had not done anything that I could have been responsible for, such as paying taxes on the sale of the property or paying for repairs or replacing the roof.

The construction loan was cancelled on the day of the hearing.

I was left with nothing, and I have been left with no money.

It is my understanding that I will have to pay the money back to GK or my lender, but in my case that will not happen.

Even though the bank is now reporting my account as having been terminated, the loan is still there.

For me, the situation has been extremely frustrating and frustrating.

The banks that have helped me are telling me that the matter is still open, but that I need to file an appeal and get it sorted out.

When I first lost my loan, the banks told me that I was eligible for a repayment plan that would have included some money from the bank, but the process was slow.

The appeals process was so cumbersome that I did not receive any of my money.

When I was first contacted by GK, they told me it was because they were concerned about the safety of my house and that they would contact the bank in the future if there were any issues.

But now that my case is over, I am unsure of the safety and security of my home and I am no longer on the list.

The only person I know of who can help me is GK.

They told me they would call me back once they have processed the appeals process.

So far, I can only send them an email.