How to avoid a car crash: 7 tips for safety

A new study by an Australian-based insurance company shows that drivers are paying a heavy price for a careless driver.

The study by Aon has found that in the first four years after a driver is injured, they are on average spending more than $1,200 for medical care.

“When it comes to collision insurance, the most expensive areas for collisions are in the front of the car, behind the seat, and in front of a door,” Aon’s director of research, John Young, told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“So that means there are three or four key areas where collision insurance is going to be a problem, particularly if the driver is behind the wheel.”

While the number of serious crashes is dropping in Australia, Aon found that when the crash occurs behind a door, drivers are spending more on medical care than if they had a front seat seat passenger.

“They are paying about $1.9 million for medical treatment for the front seat passenger,” Young said.

“But when they get to the hospital, they’re paying more than that.”

Young said there were several key factors to keep in mind when driving safely.

“One of the most important things is the ability of the driver to stay within the rules and to be able to see the other vehicle,” he said.

Mr Young said the study showed that when a driver hits a stationary vehicle, the insurance company pays $5,000 in medical costs, compared to a $400 injury for the driver who hits the vehicle when it moves.

“If the vehicle moves, the collision insurance company’s coverage for that vehicle drops by a bit,” Young explained.

“It’s really important to remember the drivers safety is their number one priority.”

Mr Young also said the number one factor for accident insurance was driving ability, which has been steadily decreasing over the past five years.

“Drivers who are more able to keep their vehicles on the road have better outcomes,” he explained.”[But] when the vehicle stops moving, the risk of injury increases significantly.”

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