The construction industry: Who is the most vulnerable to new regulations?

New regulations for building materials could mean lower wages, less skilled workers and less security.

The New York Times is reporting that the construction industry could be the most at risk of a job-killer for the coming decades. 

The industry is currently being subjected to an unprecedented amount of federal oversight, according to an analysis by the New York State Building Inspector General. 

 The inspector general is investigating whether the federal government’s oversight over the industry is adequate and whether the government has followed its own guidelines for how to regulate the industry.

The inspector general said it would be “unusual” for the agency to look at the state of construction, especially since most of the state’s construction projects are built on land leased by the state government, not by the industry itself.

The report found that the state has a large and growing construction industry that employs about 400,000 people.

It estimated that there are between 4,000 and 5,000 job losses every year. 

The state’s housing market is also struggling, and the inspector general found that many builders are unable to find construction workers because the job market is stagnant.

It also noted that a new law mandating higher wages in construction could force workers to move to areas with lower wages.

The New York Daily News said that many of the new regulations are designed to make it more difficult for small businesses to survive.

The article said that the proposed regulations would mean construction workers would have to show they have been paid at least $100,000 a year for the past two years. 

“A lot of small businesses will be forced to move out of the city or the state,” said the New Yorker, who added that the industry could even be losing jobs. 

According to the Times, the inspector General is currently investigating whether there are enough inspectors to keep up with the new rules, and has asked for the Department of Labor to provide information on the hiring process. 

A spokesman for the state Department of Buildings said in a statement that the department is working closely with the inspector for the purpose of protecting the public and protecting the state.