How to get a job in construction

Construction industry has been a magnet for career changes since the advent of modern automation.

The field has seen more than 20,000 job cuts since the beginning of the decade, with the majority of the workforce shifting from the traditional office role to home-based work, where employees can be more productive and work from home.

The trend of replacing employees with machines is expected to continue into 2020, as the automation boom becomes the norm.

As a result, some are questioning whether the construction industry can sustain its current pace of growth.

“The industry is still recovering from the recession, so they’re still looking to bring in new talent,” said Kevin Lantz, president of the Association of Construction Professionals, which represents more than 10,000 professionals in the construction sector.

“If the economy is going to be healthy, they need to get more workers into the field.”

For many construction workers, the transition to a more automated life comes with a cost.

Some are concerned about losing their jobs, while others fear losing the benefits of their long careers.

“It’s really stressful, especially because we’re losing some of the things that we’ve been doing,” said one former construction worker.

“It’s tough to say goodbye to all the jobs that you love, all the friends you’ve made over the years, and it’s even more difficult when it’s an industry that’s so reliant on the community.”

There’s a lot of people who have lost their jobs and that has to be weighed against the benefits that come with those jobs.

There are many, many people who are out of work.

If we don’t see this trend of automation, there will be fewer jobs in the future for many of us.

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